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Jenelle Jacque Laura Marilyn

Sham and Jenelle in the Covered Ring 

Ciara and Cramer on the Hunt Field

Ciara Nowak and Mi Chi Amo Enzo warming up at HITS 

in Ocala with Jacque

Becky Wilson and Anusara

On the Hunt Field

Ellen Howett and Spellbound

In the Covered Ring


arrett Farm is more than a training and boarding barn.  It is a comprehensive teaching facility set up for classroom and field training. From beginners to national contenders, we have the facilities, knowledge, experience and expertise to help you achieve your goals.

Our trainers are deeply committed to both horse and rider, and we embrace opportunities to expand our knowledge and understanding.

Our teaching lodge is A/V equipped so that visiting clinicians can utilize a broad spectrum of teaching tools.

manicured training areas coexist harmoniously with the pristine beauty found along our trails, allowing Barrett Farm to offer broader experiences for both horse and rider.


Training Innovations

One of our trainers, Laura Barrett Gurtis, is certified as an experiential learning instructor by the Epona Center. Other innovative training methods, such as bridleless riding, help our riders develop a high level of communication with their horses. In our daily training there is a continuous emphasis on sports psychology tools and technique.

 "In the best of moments rider and horse are connected not by tack, but by trust".  


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