The Covered Ring


     The covered ring really speaks to the advanced nature of our facility.  Completed in August 2010, it is unmatched in Florida.  The footing is fully equivalent to the footing installed in Lexington, Kentucky for the World Equestrian Games.  The Pro-Equus mats, imported from Austria, are specifically designed to reduce accidents from slips and loss of footing during hard turns.  The footing itself, a prescriptive blend of sand, fiber and strands, provides increased stability.  Additionally, research has shown the footing significantly improves concussion mitigation by at least 40-percent. Another advantage to our advanced footing is that it expands training opportunities and techniques and helps to boost the confidence of our horses. Our aluminum race track railing, imported from England, is also designed to reduce the risk of injury should a horse come up against the railing. The roof utilizes the same cooling system used in the barn, and our advanced audio system allows riders to always hear the trainers. Our iPod dock is perhaps the icing on the cake. You can listen to your favorite play list while training!


What a rainy day looks like at Barrett Farm!

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