Jenelle Branom

Jenelle Branom grew up in Virginia Beach and joined the Barrett Farm team of trainers in 2005. Her days usually involve a tightly woven schedule that alternates between training horses and training riders. She works with riders ranging from complete beginners to advancing competitors to older riders returning to the sport in later years. The horses also cover a spectrum, but she particularly enjoys helping green horses build their confidence and learn more difficult tasks.  “I love it all,” she says, “I love the shows, the riding, teaching students to canter for the first time, I even love the hard work, mucking stalls and mowing lawns, I love every bit of it.” 

 Jenelle’s style as a trainer is one of quiet intuitiveness.  A push when it’s appropriate, breathing room when it’s needed. “I knew at 10-years old that I wanted to be a trainer,” says Jenelle, “I was already working at a barn, so I told my parents I wanted to learn to ride so I could be a trainer.” Jenelle’s trainers were aware of her long term goals, so her development was  geared toward becoming a trainer.  “I knew I had a talent with horses, they like me,” she says.


While Branom is heavily focused on helping her students achieve their goals, her own goals include finding even greater success at shows as a trainer and rider. She sits on two committees for the Greater Orlando Hunter/Jumper Association and is looking forward to Barrett Farm’s increasingly important role in the equine industry.

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