Jacque Barrett Gellein

Jacque Barrett Gellein is a life-long equestrian, who began riding and showing in the hunt country of Virginia when she was 7 years old.  Later, while earning her B.A. degree in St Louis, Missouri, she taught lessons and schooled horses at a training barn in  the city. In 1970 she moved to Florida and founded Barrett Farm. 


 In those early years of Barrett Farm, Jacque fox hunted with the Two Rivers hunt outside of Tampa, and showed at A shows in Florida in the Green hunter divisions.  She also had three small children, and noted the middle one, Laura, had an insatiable passion for horses.  Laura (now one of Barrett Farm’s pro riders and leader of the training team) developed into a national contender as a junior rider, competing for several years in multiple national finals.  With Laura’s success, Jacque curtailed her own showing to concentrate on the demands of taking riders and horses to the regional and national level.  That focus ultimately defined the mission of Barrett Farm, and its training team, to be “both the inspiration and the experience that finds and develops the potential in any horse and rider that comes to us.”


Jacque is a big believer in pursuing the basics to perfection. She says mastering the basics is “not easy, but almost always the most straightforward path to a rider’s goals. We know that the foundation of anything becomes the minimum standard for all that is built upon it. So I focus on basics. If a rider is dedicated and skilled enough to master the basics, then all goals are attainable.” 


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