Grass Hunt Field-

     Our expansive grass hunt field is large enough to allow all four trainers to teach at one time.  We manage the field carefully so that the footing is always useful.  We have nearly two dozen jumps that can be arranged in a variety of combinations.  We also have a jump bank and a conditioning hill so that  our horses can do a  hill work to improve flexibility and build strength.


     Our location within the St. John’s River watershed helps to make property unique.  Our property possesses a lot of natural beauty and a trail is an excellent way to enjoy it.

Tack Room-

Our spacious, climate controlled tack room is carefully monitored to ensure that temperature and humidity levels are optimal for preserving tack. It's also an inviting environment for cleaning your tack. Director’s chairs and a large picture window to our arena allows for comfortable viewing, while our audio system allows spectators to listen in on a lesson.

Turn Out-

     Our horses all enjoy customized turn out. Pastures are regularly maintained and rotated.

Wash Racks-

       We have two sets of covered wash racks with four stalls each. Both sets of washracks are adjacent to the tack room making it convenient for both tacking and bathing.  All have rubber mats, excellent drainage and hot and cold running water.


We have a high quality, heavy-duty washer and dryer to provide clean pads and towels daily.

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